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Mitch McConnell
  Senate Republican Party Leaders Weekly News Conferences  CSPAN  November 19, 2019 6:24pm-6:38pm EST

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that has intelligence committee continues open hearings in the impeachment inquiry against president trump. scheduled to testify wednesday, u.s. ambassador to the european union, martin sunderland, deputy assistant defense secretary laura uber and edith hale, state department undersecretary for political affairs. watch live coverage beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span three. you can also watch online at or listen on the free c-span radio app. cemex senate republican and democratic leaders other weekly news conferences and first robert calkins talk about the impeachment inquiry hearings. followed by democrats calling on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, to bring legislation from the house to the senate floor. [background sounds]
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>> i can imagine where everybody is. [laughter] something going over at the house. okay, the thing i want to emphasize today is that i saw senator cornyn, earlier this morning talking about what has brought getting done. there are things that we have to do. we're not making any progress on because of the impeachment obsession over the house. we have to reach a deal on spending and on defense appropriations i thought we had an agreement this summer and they renege on that. the nda huntress report is apparently snagged. as a democratic from the house are trying to undo a decade old
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policies related for example to the au enough, and this has brought an. these are things that we must do. there are plenty of optional things that are not being done because we cannot philosophically agree with them. the government spending, the defense bill we have passed every year since 1961, the trade agreement with mexico and canada sitting there. they are enacted upon. this is outrageous. this should come to a stop. iron a number of democrats and house they could walk into, the same time. now is the time to prove it. sue the chaos in the house is affecting everything they were trying to get done right now. the process has been brought to a standstill. the democrats in the senate,
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continue to block the defense appropriations bill which provides funding for a mini and men and women in uniform. and every month that goes by, were losing about $1.5 billion of purchasing power and if you say about what that means and a quarter about $5 billion in the quarter. i would buy 56 strike fighters, that is what we are losing out on. i was in agreement that was reset summer. the date democrats agreed with republican leaders in here in the senate and in the house on spending levels for the defense and on defense. so this is something that the leader pointed out the different credits democrats aren't reneging on. but it comes at the expense of doing what is right and necessary for men and women in uniform and they have the equipment and the training and everything they need to continue to defend the country. second, have the democrats will come to their senses. it's been two months now since the end of the fiscal year and we are woa into this new fiscal year.
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every week as i said every month that goes by, and is hurting our military as long as the democrats here in the senate continue to obstruct and block the defense appropriation bills, our men and women in uniform will continue to pay the price. on the other things that were mentioned also on the liz, the u.s. mca, many things that need to get done. but the democrats in the house are preoccupied and distracted by impeachment. in the senate democrats seem to have no interest in getting things done that will get results for the american people. i hope that changes. >> with the democrats running for president will debate tomorrow night and will hear a lot of pie in the sky proposals from them and will hear about it $32 trillion health care plan but with the nagano taser going to take off insurance away from hundred and 80 million americans who get it to work. we do hear about a proposal to save the planet but with the not ready to tell you is it going to have to raise the cost of
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gasoline for $10 per gallon to pay for what they are proposing. now make talk about their ability to spin straw into gold. but the reality of it is that they don't have a way to pay for all of the promises that they continue to make. in the democrats cannot be donald trump with their positions in these dangerous democrat socialist positions that they are promoting all they can do is continue this artisan impeachment and they've been going on and on. look, the moaning is going to be for president in less than a year. bonnie is starting in only a few weeks. in iowa and in hampshire. and nancy pelosi the house is obsessed with impeachment and it's up to the american people who will serve as the president. >> throughout the government and that went out the prior appropriations process coming to
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a conclusion, lots of things on the whole. the health research, and we have made substantial progress in the last few years but we need to make more and there are lots of reasons to do that. alzheimer's, and dementia will be a great example of an area where individual suffers and family supper and the economy suffers. nih, the national institute of health was asked a handful of years ago to do it for protection on what would happen with alzheimer's if something did it change. the projection was that by two fellow 2050, we'd be spending $1.1 trillion of today's dollars but alzheimer's and dementia. these are stacked dollars. it would be the stacked dollar cost of alzheimer's and dementia. what about a fifth of the way there already. in the 1 percent of that amount that we put into research, isn't nearly as effective if you get it three months into the year as it would be if you got it at the first of the year.
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and is even less effective if you get it five months into the year. defensive news critical but there are lots of other things in this appropriations process that are waiting to see if were going to fund the government and at what loophole we are going to fund the government and whether were going to move towards the future just right for the future to come to us. sue neck over the course of the past seven or eight months, my team and i have been working diligently on the violence against women act. we have had many stakeholders involved in this process. committees of jurisdiction involved in this process. and we thought that we were coming together on a bipartisan bill. unfortunately, this senate democrats decided to turn their backs and walk away on what would have been a bipartisan reauthorization of the violence against women act. as a survivor, this means a lot to me.
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to get over to the finish line. as of what we are presenting this week as a belt that actually will provide the resources necessary for our survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. just a few things that in this bill. in triples rape prevention and educational resources and it holistically addresses female genital mutilation. it bolsters rural housing protections available to victims. and enhances criminal penalties for child sexual abuse. and again folks on the summit democrats turned their backs and introduced a partisan political talking.bill that had been introduced in the house. we need to find a way forward for our survivors. we need to provide this resources necessary for women and children. they're going through an incredibly difficult part of their lives. this bill is focusing on
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pollution. not partisan talking points. let's get it over the finish line. >> the format that is going on in washington, republicans in the united states and i continue to work hard to invest the priorities of the market people. meanwhile, it is clear that the far left, and the radical left is taken over the democratic party at the national loophole, and this impacted their agendas so to speak, in their agenda is really a do-nothing agenda i wanted to change. whether it is u.s. mca or the failure to pass a number 12 spending bills. the national defense authorization act. there is still plenty of that important work on the american people to be done. the u.s. mca, was struck abruptly year ago when nancy pelosi has still not brought it to the floor for a vote. we have 12 million americans, 12 million households for left in the lurch. they depend on this agreement. and its continuation of trading
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with our neighbors. for the families livelihoods. we need to take that very seriously man state of indiana, one out of every four manufacturing companies exports to canada into mexico and we have 61000 jobs that are related to just this one agreement alone. the national defense authorization act, to make sure that we properly fund that in women in uniform. that also make sure that those who work in the defense industry have some measure of certainty about their livelihoods. about the important work that they do. every day. and then lastly, the basic functions of government, we need to make sure they are properly funded. so there's still a to 12 spending bills that need to get done and people didn't send us here to embrace a do-nothing agenda. let's hope that the radical left backs off of their lack of
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agenda and works with us and further of the objectives of the american people. [inaudible conversation] >> with the president move forward or not move forward on the e-cigarette fan. >> the question should be better questioned to them. they need to reach to the edge of edge 21 that something that everyone can agree on. and we need to accomplish it quickly. and with regard to it change to the white house, i recommend you talk to them about it. [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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>> it is way is it too early to scope out or renounce how we might handle impeachment when it comes to the senate. we are all having what it discussions. but i say just laying out various hypothetical now has brought helpful. the house is going to do with the house is going to do and when they get through as you all know, it comes over here and laces all of the business and will be on it until senators decide a time to reach a conclusion. i will repeat what i said in the past. it is inconceivable to me that they would be 67 votes to remove the president from office. a number of democratic senators are running for president i'm sure they're going to be excited to be here in the chairs. during the dependency of this trial. so hopefully we'll work our way through it and finish it about
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two lengthy of a process hopefully not. [inaudible conversation] >> obviously were disappointed to lose the governor news race in louisiana. he was popular in government. and obviously i was disappointed to live the governors race in kentucky but if you look at everything else that happened in kentucky, we had really we did really woa. our candidates one by a very large modern and the government governor had their own challenges. in spite of that he made it close. but close only counts in horseshoes. >> first i want to talk about something you may not have seen. but there is no assessment from the dia to the defense intelligence agency. it